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Is a company that was founded with the purpose of ministering through business. It was not always a graphic design or web design firm it originated as a children's maze and puzzle book development company called Aardvark Arts.

As a Sunday school teacher, I found that there was a need for some teaching aides to help me in this purpose. Many of the puzzle books and coloring books that were available in our area at that time were objectionable to some of the parents of the children I was teaching. To fill the need for teaching aides for the children in grades 1 through 4, I began to design my own work. The work was well received by the students, the students' parents, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was also doing commissioned art works and portraits for some local clients. One of my clients had a business and asked me to design a new logo for his company, and he also inquired if I would be able to help him with something new called a web site for the Internet. Fortunately, for me, our son was well versed in the use of computers and the Internet and helped me to learn code and begin a new business. Since we began by designing mazes and puzzles we thought the name Labyrinth Conceptions was appropriate.

The Labyrinth we use as part of our logo is the Chartres labyrinth copied from the pilgrimage labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France. This and other labyrinths were created as prayer and pilgrimage walks for people during the 12-century crusades to keep them home and safe during that tumultuous time rather than to risk the journey to the "Holy lands". Pilgrimages to the "Holy land" were a way to find spiritual peace through forgiveness by concentrating on prayer and reconciliation during the journey.

Therefore, this symbol did meet our firm's continued mission, which is to create works through illustration, graphic design and web pages that exalt and carry out the Gospel. It also symbolizes our walk with each of our clients as we go through the creative process together.

Building an effective web site is similar to this process. On our way into the labyrinth of web design, we will exchange ideas, consider your business goals and develop the graphics and site map for your project. When we get to the middle, we will review everything, we will then agree on the work, edit what needs to be edited and then, as we depart the virtual labyrinth and work our way out, we will refine, finalize and complete your project to your satisfaction.

Raymond F Bohac Jr, Executive Director - Graphics Design and Web Development:

Member of the International Webmasters Association
National Association of Photoshop® Professionals
Raymond Bohac Jr is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals
Raymond F Bohac III, Executive Director - Systems Operations:

Raymond F Bohac III is an Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Raymond F Bohac III is an Cisco Certified Network Associate Raymond F Bohac III is an Microsoft Certified Professional Raymond F Bohac III is an Network Plus CompTIA Certified Raymond F Bohac III is A Plus CompTIA Certified

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