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     The following is a partial list of our clients' sites. Included are some one page, three page, some business/corporate sites and an on-line store.

HomeSchoolArts is a free visual arts lesson site, dedicated to teaching basic visual arts to all that are interested and to help the parents of the home schooled and distance learned to teach the arts with our support.
Tender Loving Care Nursing Uniforms and Supply Tender Loving Care is growing and adding to our product lines daily, therefore if you can't find what you are looking for today drop us a line. We may have it in stock and not yet added to our on-line inventory.
AFS Watercraft: If you are really fed up with not having fun on the water and want something new and exciting, then check out the new Renegade. Here is the boat that will excite you about watercraft again.
Evans & Muir Insurance Agency, LLC, has set the standard for the lowest premiums in the marketplace, underwritten through the finest insurance companies, and provide the most comprehensive coverage's to meet the needs of our customers.
New Life Christian Center in Celina, Ohio. To fulfill the Great Commission. We hope to do this by making Jesus' last command to His Church our first concern. This command is to go and make disciples of all nations, baptize them, and teach them all that the Lord has taught us - Mt.28:19,20.
Peak Realty Inc, serving Columbus and central Ohio
Knox County Art League: Located in the County of Knox, Ohio and the city/county seat of Mount Vernon.
An organization dedicated to the promotion of visual and fine arts In Knox County, Ohio.
A fellowship of the artists of Knox County and surrounding area.
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