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Learn new media online!

Pre-Planning is important in every endeavor that we involve ourselves in. I know you know this because you are in business! Here are a few considerations for your web site.

Your Target Demographic: Who needs your services? What level of income or education are you targeting? What other marketing are you doing? Is this part of an overall marketing strategy or just an experiment? Am I willing to make the effort to follow through with this process? How far am I willing to travel? Do I want my listing in any national business directories? Can I work with clients over long distances? These are but a few of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide to go online. There are many web sites that are mediocre at best published every day on the Internet. You need to ask yourself the hard questions before you publish a site that looks amateurish.

Your education and experience: You worked hard for your position! You went to school or obtained specialized training and I'll bet you will utilize some sort of continuing education to keep up with the changes in your field. I know this because we do the same. You need to let your clients know this so that when they are weighing the facts about you and a competitor, they are armed with the best information about who can help them the most.

Industry Affiliations: All industries have Local, State or National Organizations that specialize in your business. They will usually offer training, current trends and most important, a standard for practice and ethics for your industry. You should list these affiliations prominently in your site.

Satisfied clients testimonials: Request that your clients fill out a testimonial form or write a recommendation letter for you. Get their permission to use it on your site. When prospective clients are seeking a ministry, business, or service like you provide, and they see favorable testimonials, they will be more apt to choose you!

Specialized Equipment: Equipment updates and technology is quickly becoming the measure of business existence. If you are a mechanic and do not understand computers, you are as ancient as a blacksmith in today's automotive world. Dentists need to understand lasers. Doctors need to understand 3-D imagery and robotic surgery. Attorneys, in some cases, need to understand biology and forensics.

All this is to say, "IT IS NOT BRAGGING TO WRITE A BIOGRAPHY", it is just good business.

Personnel Biographies and photographs: This will lend a family feel to your web site and are very important to your local clientele. Photographs of your personnel and office will put new clients at ease when they first visit.

Community Service and Involvement: Let your clients know that you are involved in your community. If you are a scout leader, ball coach, communities' volunteer, local school system teacher assistant volunteer, involved in the PTO/PTA, church participation, peer leadership, mentoring programs, city or county government or other affiliations you feel are important to you, chances are that these affiliations will also be important to your clients.

Customer Service: You may want to print an on-line coupon good only for those that visit your site frequently. Add a monthly tip section about your specialty. Write an on line newsletter about the most current trends in your industry. Place a links page in your site for further information about your industry. Add a "Statement of Ethics" page. Ask for questions and select the best questions to answer monthly. This will brand your name into your client's mind and they will think of you when they need your services.

This is by no means an inclusive listing, but it does give you an idea of the level of experience Labyrinth Conceptions brings to this field.

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