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Raymond F bohac Jr, Executive Director of Labyrinth ConceptionsRaymond F Bohac Jr. is the Executive Director of Labyrinth Conceptions. The company has been through quite a metamorphosis since its beginnings in 1984. Mr. Bohac had a four-year-old son and found that the common coloring books and puzzle books available were too commercialized and product branded. He decided that he did not want his son to grow up being commercially targeted at every level of his childhood so he designed coloring pages and puzzles for his son and a few neighbors. The work was appreciated and Labyrinth Conceptions was born, beginning as a children's puzzle book company specializing in creating mazes, connect the dots and coloring books with no commercial ties to any company or product.

Mr. Bohac always had a desire to create and was enrolled in college in a fine arts major when he was drafted into the army in 1968. After coming out of the service in 1971 Mr. Bohac found that family pressures would keep him out of college. He began a self-teaching odyssey that continues through today. He began painting, sculpting and drawing portraits for his friends. His work was well received and friends of the people he did the commissioned work for began to call. He opened the Bohac Studio's as an adjunct to Labyrinth Conceptions. One thing led to another and he found himself designing illustrations for print advertising for some of the clients of his personal work that are business owners.

The position of Executive Director of the Semple-Upham Culture and Arts Center in Mount Vernon, Ohio opened and Mr. Bohac was the candidate chosen to fill the position. During his term he enjoyed meeting and collaborating with many interesting artist and artisans. He began putting together strategic alliances and creating a community children's art gallery dedicated to the promotion of the arts in his community. He coordinated monthly exhibits including work loaned by the Columbus Museum of Art, Native American Ancient Artifacts, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Design, Music and Theater. Mr. Bohac developed classes with local artisans which included weaving, drawing and painting, photography, gourmet cooking, wine appreciation and more. He also taught basic pencil drawing and colored pencil drawing at the local career center. Unfortunately the owners of the Arts Center building decided to sell the building to fund another project. The Semple-Upham Culture and Arts Center closed its doors in 1995.

Raymond began his interest in computers in 1982 when he saw his first desktop computer the Eagle II-E. Since then, he has gone through a metamorphous from the Eagle II-E, through the Pentium III machines and continues to update as required. He has continued his education to retain his high proficiency in all the forms of programs and scripting required for doing his job.

Mr. Bohac combined the Bohac Studios and Labyrinth Conceptions so that he might still support his vision for the arts and continue to support his family. He also realized a need for giving back to the community, a way for Mr. Bohac to continue the work began at the Arts Center. In 1996 the site was opened so that anyone with the desire to learn to draw could find some lessons, resources, materials and still have a gallery space in which to display their work.

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