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Maintenance is by far is the most overlooked aspect of having a web-site. Without quality care, your site will look just like everybody else's at best, or at worst, become stagnant, therefore limiting your customer response to your site. When someone is looking for your service, a client will want to see professionalism, not amateurism in your site. Keeping your site innovative is imperative for its success. We, at Labyrinth Conceptions, firmly believe that once your site is completed, it is then when your work really begins. Labyrinth Conceptions constantly works with our clients to maintain their web sites and is dedicated to making changes and additions easy for our clients and completing them in a timely manner.

For example, let us say that you are having a sale, changing inventory, getting a special new product, announcing a new service, in other words, you are very busy. Labyrinth Conceptions can and will update your site within 24 hours of our receipt of your new information during our normal working hours. Our normal working hours are Monday through Friday from 10AM - 6PM and Saturday 10Am - 1PM. In most cases, if we receive the information during our normal business hours, we can have it done within minutes to hours depending on the complexity of the change.

This guarantee is for changes to existing information only. It does not cover new work or design. For example, if you have a real estate office and have just sold a house and you want the "SOLD" sign put over the graphic on your listing page we can accomplish this within minutes during our normal business hours. If you decide to have an Internet sale good only for those that print a coupon from your site with a 24-hour time limit for the sale we can coordinate that sale by uploading the coupon and deleting the coupon on time.

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Our Company  |  Our Staff  |  Our Portfolio  |  Web Maintenance  |  Estimate Form  |  Planning  |  Privacy Statement  

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